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Hi there!

My name is Claire-Monique Martin

Of British, French & Caribbean Heritage (My Maternal Grandmother was from Grenada), 


I'm a neurodivergent  Actor, Musician, & Producer from South-East London. 

I am the holder of both British and EU (French) Passports & have bases in London & New York.

Here's the link to my Spotlight profile here.

I graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYC) back in 2018 & have worked Off-Broadway, Off-Westend, & at the Teatros de Canal in Madrid in different mediums, shapes, & sizes.

I am also the artistic director of Fractured Time Productions.

In my spare time, I love to watch my football team Charlton Athletic, take my Sprocker Terrier Luna for long walks, cook, play Mahjong (the proper game not the computer pair one), horse ride (Dressage Standard), & swim.

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'Martin plays her role aware of the seriousness of her situation and pulls her determination to face up to these scoundrels with the determination of the Great One (Ali).'

'Claire-Monique Martin is captivating to watch and elegant in the space.'

'Thanks to an engaging performance from
Claire-Monique Martin, Alisha holds our attention throughout and her emotional journey from despair to defiance convinces.'

'Claire-Monique Martin’s spirited Nusch Eluard deserves a play to herself.'

'Of the supporting cast, Martin stands out for her musical performance, as well as an hilarious turn as Kathleen’s friend, Edna.'

Claire-Monique Martin (always the Malcolm, never the Macbeth) did a grand job of bringing some life into a usually thankless role.'

'Its success also hinges on Martin's sensual but troubled portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor - she captures Liz's essence.'

'The bright costumes, are certainly beautiful, as is Claire-Monique Martin's voice as the chorus singer'

'Martin brings Lucy to life, brilliantly balancing her candor about the trials of explaining this gift to others with her excitement about her talents.'

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